At CitySprint we have been working hard to try to better connect with our SME customers in 2017. We have introduced digital contact programmes, specific location based campaigns, introduced a dedicated team to talk with our customers and held a series of focus groups.

All our insight tells us that our customers are generally happy, they connect well with our people and are comfortable that when they book a same day courier they will receive a good service. Our clients do sometimes mention specific issues that we are not unaware of and we then try to resolve those problems during our contact, but we definitely haven't identified anything revolutionary that they would like us to change. Of course on the face of it, this is great news. 

This is not a surprise. Personally I didn't realise how a smartphone would change my life until I had one, so I wouldn't have been able to articulate the features of a phone that I would have liked to see and what they would mean to me.

It does however present a challenge for organisations committed to delivering a "best in class" experience for customers. Where do you invest your time and resource to produce great outcomes that improve customer experience, should we have spent our money differently? I don't think so. Those customers we have spoken to know that we value their input and are interested in their success. In general our SameDay customers aren't making a single purchase, they have an ongoing relationship and investment with our business.

The logistics industry, like many others has become increasingly digitalised and as a customer, if I get what I want and the service I receive is quick and efficient then I am happy, but I also like to feel personally cared for. When I buy products and services I receive endless digital customer satisfaction surveys or requests for feedback. 

It is part of my role and my team to look for initiatives to make working with CitySprint easier for our clients. Unsurprisingly we have decided that small changes can make a big difference and we have already begun with the recent launches of our "complaint" and "contact us" standards so that our customers can be clear about what to expect from us when something does go wrong. 

We are very busy making plans for 2018 and will continue to roll out initiatives.