Another episode of Blue Planet II has dropped and it’s making waves again.

With the series in full swing, Sir David and the team are doing what they do best - treating us to a brand-new perspective on a subject as old as time. That’s exactly what I find most inspiring when watching Blue Planet; even in this day and age, we are discovering a whole new world, evolved to it's own way of living.

Last week we heard reports that carbon emissions have hit a record high. This may be a culmination of high polluting countries around the world, but nevertheless each and every one of us should be looking to evolve our own way of living to reduce the collective impact we create.

It’s a huge task when viewed up close, so take a step back and start small. A number of simple things can help whether in the home or the office: when electrics aren’t in use, switch them off; where possible, reuse and recycle any papers and plastics; when buying meals, try to source local produce.

Then it’s time for the next step: lowering output from the vehicles we choose. Can you use a pushbike or cargo bike instead of a car or van? Are you able to swap to a hybrid or electric vehicle? Can you change your route to avoid sitting in traffic? Think about what has become routine and see what can be done differently.

Some options will be quicker to implement than others; what’s important is that we take a leaf out of Sir David’s book and shed light on a new world of our own.