Alibaba's brain-child 'Singles' Day' has completely smashed sales in China, doubling the sales seen over Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the States. Is this new shopping phenomenon the next big thing to hit the UK?

There are a few things that Alibaba did to put a creative spin on this made-up shopping day:

1. Chose a targeted group of consumers to market to and used emotional messaging to pull on the heart strings- Singles' Day is specifically targeted at lonely Chinese consumers and encourages them to shop to cheer themselves up.

2. They increased, not decreased, their physical store presence. Alibaba fully utilised the concept of using local retailers as distribution hubs to offer consumers the ultimate in delivery convenience (even offering 1-hour timeslots just like our On the dot service).

3. They embraced technology to improve efficiencies and the customer experience. Some of the tech Alibaba rolled out wasn't leading edge, like enabling stores to offer consumers tracking, but it did create a more seamless shopping experience from purchase all the way through to delivery.

Whilst I am sure there was a multitude of different elements that combined to make this campaign a success for Alibaba, it shows there are a few key elements that businesses who deal with delivery can employ to improve their customers' experience from start to finish.