What a day it's been. I'm at #TDC18 talking all things On the dot with retailers and delivery experts alike, and there's been a real buzz about the place since we started.

I've just watched an interesting panel talk, including Martin Goldstein of River Island, called "The Retailer Perspective" which explored the challenges and opportunities being faced by eCommerce suppliers throughout the country. The key focus was on improving operations and delivering a great customer experience whilst dealing with competition from big hitters like Amazon.

Here's a round up of key points:

  • Fulfilment and delivery from stores is a vital for matching demand
  • Store to store stock movement can really benefit your bottom line
  • Collaboration with other companies is a win-win for retailers
  • Investing in your technology and operations is obligatory 


Reviewing your current set up is essential. How can you improve your structure and systems to benefit your customer experience? How will this new CX drive your brand forward and create further revenue?